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We provide the best quality fitness stage wear and stage gear. Eye for the small details, the best designs and the best execution.

We want to be the best and therefore the materials is the best, the handcraft is the best and we provide the best service in the industry - guaranteed! 

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Behind CINI CREATONS is a girl from Denmark. This whole bikini empire started as a hobby. I myself wanted to compete in the figure class and for that I of course needed a bikini. 

I paid a deposit at a seamstress and expected to use 6000DKK on the bikini in total. For that price, I expected a perfect fit, perfect handcraft, a lot of bling and of course a great service from the seamstress. Unfortunately, I did not get further than the design meeting. The seamstress did not think that it was necessary to provide service in any kind. Did not answer messages, forgot our appointments for the design meeting etc. 

I decided to make my own, I did not want to fell that mistreated and give that company any other of my money. 

I have always been very creative and good with any kind of handcraft. I loved to sew when I was a little girl and therefore I wanted to give it a try myself.


I joined Denmark’s best sewing school, the Margrethe School in Copenhagen to improve my skills.
I started practicing at home from the minute I woke up and too I went to sleep. I have been using thousands and thousands of hours practicing.

I am a perfectionist and that shows in my work. I want to be the best in what I do, and I can proud say that I am among the best in the world. I must be, because this is now a fulltime job and not just my hobby. 


I still practicing, because you can always improve and do better. And you are having to if you want to be the best. It cost a lot of time in a long period (years), but if you love what you do, it is all worth it.


Now you know why I am so motivated for this and why I provide good prices and impeccable peace of handcraft and the best service you will ever find! Because I started all this because I myself needed a bikini. I always have that in mind and I only want the best for you in any way. From the service, to the product and down to the best materials. 


With bikini love
Isabella Cini