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We can provide ANY KIND of fabric for your bikini. In stock we have hundreds of DIFFERENT colors and textiles and of course in the best spandex quality on the marked! 

When you tell us “I want red”, we ask “what kind of nuance red?” 

We expand in fabrics almost every month. In that way we have the newest fabric styles on the marked and therefore we can offer you a huge selection in colors and textiles! 

Also the opportunity to create bikinis in combinations never seen before is endless!

For the diva bikinis we find exclusive blondes with small detailing in them - in order to give the diva bikinis depth and a 3D look and therefore a really exclusive look.


Here is a "little" selection out of our many styles! 





We do an honor of being original! We do NOT copy others work, not even if the clients will pay us to. We want to create new designs that the fitness world not have seen before.
This strategy works – we see our bikini patterns is copied in all over the world. But the execution is fare the same!

We put a lot of effort in advising our customers in the choice of fabrics, colors, patterns, budget etc.
We are extremely interested in that the athlete represent our product and conversely in the best way and always ask for your vision for the bikini. Therefore we can design something beautiful that fit your personality!


WE ARE THE BEST and we make the best designs when we have “free hands” to create within the budget you give us.
You maybe tell us: “I like green and swirls, but the rest is up to you”. These designs are always those that stands out the most! Do you dare to trust us with the design of your bikini?