Jan Tana Hi-Definition Color

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Your "base tan" - the one you use the night before your competition

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Hi-Definition Color - Dark Tan. This tan is for the day before your competition - you "base tan". The tan is rich and dark and it is really easy to apply and dries quickly! 
Jan Tana recommends to apply twice the night before contest and once on morning of competition. You can always visit Jan Tana's homepage to check out tips and tricks! Perfect for all Skin Tones!


Skin Prep 
Balances the skin's pH which is crucial to achieve the perfect color. Prepares skin to ensure a smooth, even application and greater absorption of Hi-Definition Color. 

Gentle massaging beads and rich foaming lather, renews and refines the texture of the skin for extraordinary smooth skin and radiant color. 



  • Jan Tana Skin Prep 118ml
  • Jantana Hi-Definition Color 118ml
  • Jan Tana Tanning Puff



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